What is Black Seed Oil?

A plant-based seed extract from the Nigella plant Native to parts of Africa and Asia, known for its healing properties black seed oil has been tried and tested and stand at the forefront of herbal supplements… One of the key components of black seed oil is thymoquinone, a compound with antioxidant properties which enables a simple product to have over 100 benefits in your daily life!


Generally feeling bettèr and can see definite improvements in BP and sugars. Well worth every cent, in my opinion. – Andrew Green


I play sports and often have some injuries the black seed oil helps my recovery times and also helps me with a old knee injury! – Shiraj Mapari


Awesome quality really helped me with my skin issues also great moisturizer for skin and hair very bad taste but great results! – Shafeeqa Mukuddem


this is a good quality black seed helps me with my asthma and blood pressure problem also removes sixe effects of my meds – Yasiera Mapari

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